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NIH Parenting Listserv is an interactive e-mail list, with more than 1,400 members, managed through the NIH LISTSERV facility,  makes it easy for you to ask for and share information about child care and parenting issues with other NIH parents.


Benefits of the NIH Parenting Listserv: 
The NIH offers assistance with finding parenting resources and childcare services, but there are many gaps we cannot fill. The NIH Parenting Listserv enables you to draw on the combined experience of all the subscribers.

Looking for a nanny share situation? A good pediatrician or pediatric dentist? A child-friendly neighborhood? A good school system? Playgrounds or other activities? You can ask for information and share opinions on any parenting or child care issue.

Drawbacks of the NIH Parenting Listserv: 
The more active the list becomes, the more e-mail you will receive. Some of these messages will contain information that is very valuable to you; other messages will contain information that does not pertain to your situation at all.

You can minimize the impact of these multiple e-mail messages by choosing a digest subscription. Instructions on how to do this are included in the message you will receive when you actually subscribe to the list.

To Subscribe to the NIH Parenting Listserv:

Send an e-mail addressed to LISTSERV@list.nih.gov with the following text in the message body: 
subscribe parenting_list your name (substituting your first and last name for your name).

You will receive a confirmation when you are subscribed, with additional guidance about the list and its rules. Please read this guidance carefully, it contains useful information that will help you maximize the list's benefits.

If you have any problems with your subscription or have further questions, you may contact Julie Pelletier, Quality Assurance Specialist, julie.pelletier@nih.gov or call (301) 402-8180.