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Printing Services Announcement

Printing services at the NIH, previously a service provided by the Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Medical Arts (DMA), has been transferred to the HHS Program Support Center (PSC). This transfer will produce better efficiencies in the print management functions including print procurement and document conversion, which had previously been duplicated by both agencies.

The printing staff will continue to deliver the following quality products and services:

  • Printing Procurement
  • Document Management
  • Copying and Duplicating

The printing function transfer includes all NIH staff, contractor staff, and the printing service contracts. The print procurement and management group is led by PSC Publishing Services.  PSC can be reached at 301-443-6740 or via e-mail at The printing functions are at Parklawn Bldg, Room 16-65, Rockville MD.


 A completed HHS-26A  form is required to obtain Printing Services. You may access an input-ready electronic version at:

The requester must input both the IAA TASCAN Number and a Purchase Order Number, and obtain all authorizing signatures.

  • Email as an attachment (
  • Fax to  301-443-3089
  • Send through interoffice mail to the following address:
    PSC Printing Office
    5600 Fishers Lane
    Room 7W-22

Upon receipt, a PSC Printing Specialist will be assigned to the job and will contact the customer directly with any questions.


To request business cards you must obtain an approval letter from your Executive Officer (EO) and a HHS-26A form approved by your Administrative Officer.  An electronic version of the HHS-26A may be downloaded from:
A copy of the EO approval with the HHS-26A should be forwarded electronically to either your Printing specialist or (Electronic signatures are requested). The purchase order number will be the ordering number from your business card request. In lieu of electronic signatures, request may be signed and faxed to 301-443-3089.

Once your paperwork is compiled and necessary signatures are acquired you may visit the website to create your business card.  The web address is: For further instructions, please call 301-443-6740.