Division of Emergency Management

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Division of Emergency Management
Office of Research Services
National Institutes of Health
Building 45 (Natcher)
Room P1As.14A
Phone: (301) 496-1985
Fax: (301) 402-0167


National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status ​​

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Division of Emergency Management

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Exciting News on AlertNIH:
In 2014, Division of Emergency Management (DEM) officials, along with representatives from NIH public safety, public affairs, human resources, and facilities worked together at enhancing AlertNIH - the official emergency communication service for the National Institutes of Health. Employees and visitors have begun seeing more AlertNIH messages in 2015. Also, AlertNIH has a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. For more information on AlertNIH and how to register devices to receive alerts, please click here.

Spring and Summer Safety:

With the spring and summer comes challenges to staying safe. 

Vehicle Safety    

*     Pay attention while driving since there will be more vehicles  on the road.

*     Never leave a child or pet alone in a vehicle

*     Beware of hot surfaces (seat belt buckles, vinyl seats)

*     Always wear your seatbelt

*     Never drink and drive

*     Learn more at Safercar.gov - Summer Driving Tips External Website Policy

Summer Home Safety

*     Inspect backyard swing sets and tree houses

*     Practice hand washing and refrigeration when handling food

*     Keep a first aid kit in your home

*     Use personal protective gear when using power tools and equipment

*     Keep all gasoline containers outside the home

*     Avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day

*     Learn more at Montgomery County - Home Safety External Website Policy

Campfire Safety

*     Use designated fire pits

*     Douse with water when finished to ensure campfire has been completely extinguished

*     Learn more at Smokey Bear - Campfire Safety External Website Policy

Lightning Precautions

*     Avoid power lines, tall trees, metal fences, and water

*     Seek safety in buildings away from windows, doors, and electrical appliances

*     If in a vehicle, stay inside with windows closed.

*     If outside, squat, kneel, or sit -, don’t lie flat

*     Learn more at NOAA - Lighting Safety External Website Policy

Water Safety

*     Never swim alone – use the buddy system

*     Observe all warning signs

*     Avoid rough ocean conditions and stormy weather

*     Wear personal floatation devices when boating

*     Don’t drink and operate a boat

*  Learn more by visiting Red Cross - Water Safety External Website Policy


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