Division of Emergency Management

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Division of Emergency Management
Office of Research Services
National Institutes of Health
Building 45 (Natcher)
Room P1As.14A
Phone: (301) 496-1985
Fax: (301) 402-0167


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What to Do in an Emergency

Workplace Emergency: Fire

  • Alert other personnel in the area
  • Pull/activate fire alarm
  • Turn off any oxygen/flammable gas
  • Confine any additional hazards on your way out if it is safe to do so
  • Close door(s) where the fire is located if possible
  • Follow guidance from the Building Evacuation Team Members
  • Call Fire and Rescue
On Campus: 911 or from a cell phone 301-496-9911
Off Campus: 9-911 from office phone or 911 from cell

To report a crime in progress and/or life threatening situations,

personal injury, traffic accidents, or suspicious activities:
  • On the NIH campus dial 911
  • Off the NIH Campus dial 9-911

To report a criminal act not in progress,
a theft of personal property, or to report
a non-injury accident, call (301) 496-5685.