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Office of Research Services
Division of Occupational Health
and Safety
Phone: (301) 496-2960
Fax: (301) 402-0313
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Technical Assistance Branch

The Technical Assistance Branch (TAB) is responsible for providing consultative and technical assistance to the NIH and the extramural research community on all matters regarding occupational health and safety in biomedical research. The Technical Assistance Branch develops policies and guidelines that promote a safe work environment, conducts monitoring and surveillance for identifying occupational health and safety problems, and supports research programs by providing technical health and safety services. Special competence is provided in the areas of biological safety cabinets, primary barrier containment, indoor air quality, chemical safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and toxicology.

TAB Services Provided

TAB Program Managers

Program Program Manager Alternate
Asbestos John Veitch Derek Newcomer
BSC Purchasing Mark Gibson Matt Deptola
Confined Spaces Matt Deptola John Veitch
Contractor Safety Program Debbie Gomke Derek Newcomer
Ethylene Oxide Jay Peterson Jeremy Mason
Electrical Safety Matt Deptola Debbie Gomke
Ergonomics Jeremy Mason Susan McDonald
Fall Protection John Veitch Debbie Gomke
Flood/Mold Investigations Jeremy Mason Derek Newcomer
Formaldehyde, Xylene, NO Jay Peterson Mark Gibson
Hearing Conservation Matt Deptola John Veitch
JCAHO/CAP/AAALAC and Clinical Center Support Mark Gibson Jay Peterson
Laser Safety Matt Deptola Jeremy Mason
Local Exhaust Ventilation Support Mark Gibson Jay Peterson
Machinery and Machine Guarding Jeremy Mason Debbie Gomke
Non-Ionizing Radiation Matt Deptola Jeremy Mason
ORF Health & Safety Program John Veitch/Debbie Gomke Derek Newcomer
Primary Barrier Contract Mark Gibson (PO) Matt Deptola
Respiratory Protection Jay Peterson Jeremy Mason
Safety Shoe Contract Toni Ellis Derek Newcomer
Thermal Stress Matt Deptola Jeremy Mason
Waste Anesthetic Gas Jay Peterson Derek Newcomer