Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services 


 New Rate
Lab Equipment Services $120
Mechanical Instrumentation & Fabrication Services $75


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  • About DSEIS or Services 
    • Laboratory Equipments Maintenance and Repair
               Maynard, John  
                  (301) 451-1753
    • Rental and Sales
               Vergheese, Anju  
    • Design and Fabrication
               Metger, Howard 
    ORS Building 13/3W44
    Phone: (301) 496-4131
    Fax: (301) 402 8189
    TTY: (301) 435-1908  

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Division of Scientific Equipment & Instrumentation Services



To support the NIH Intramural Research community with the acquisition and maintenance needs of their laboratory equipment. We provide equipment to laboratories through sales, rental, or rent-to-buy options. Our services also include laboratory equipment maintenance and repair; preventive maintenance (PM); custom fabrication and modification; equipment installation, testing, refurbishment and calibration. Full service contracts are available after a thorough evaluation of laboratory equipment and their current maintenance requirements.


DSEIS is recognized for its competence and dedication in providing the best value in equipment acquisitions and technical services. We are committed to long term partnering with researchers, employees and suppliers to keep the NIH humming.



DSEIS Procurement Deadlines Extended!
To better accommodate the end of fiscal year acquisition needs of the NIH Intramural community, we have modified our New Equipment Sales (NES) process for a short period of time. This has enabled us to extend our NES Procurement deadlines to September 14, 2015. Few important things to note:
·         This is a Pilot process and we will revert back to the original process at the beginning of the new Fiscal Year.
·         For this process, you do not need to initiate any requests in NBS.
·         For more information on this process, please email us at rental@ors.od.nih.gov or call us at (301) 496-9748.