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COVID-19 Self-Assessment Reporting Requirement for All NIH Staff Returning to Work

To promote a culture of safety as we return to the physical workspace, HHS has instructed all employees, including contractors, to continuously self-monitor and self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms before entering their place of work.

The NIH is launching a pilot self-assessment reporting tool utilizing the existing notification system, AlertNIH.

An employee will receive emails and text messages daily at approximately 9pm ET, including on weekends, starting this evening, Thursday, June 25, from "NIH COVID Self-Check (" to all work and personal email and phone numbers on file. No phone calls will be sent. Employees should respond for the next day, no matter what time their shift begins and whether they are scheduled to work. Employees are asked to self-assess for COVID-19 symptoms and reply with one of 3 responses:

  1. I do not have symptoms and will report to work tomorrow
  2. I have symptoms or recent exposure and will submit an OMS form
  3. I will not be onsite tomorrow

If an employee answers yes to 'having symptoms' or 'recent exposure' with someone known or suspected of having COVID-19, they should not report to work, should notify their supervisor, and fill out an Occupational Medical Service (OMS) screening form.

Employees who want to confirm their contact information is up to date in AlertNIH, to include personal emails and phones numbers, should visit:

To download the AlertNIH mobile app, search for "Blackberry AtHoc" in the Apple or Google Play Store. Register with your work email and use the Organization Code, "NIH".

If you are not already working on campus or part of Group A, and you receive the message in error, or if you are already working onsite or part of Group A and do not receive the message, please contact your ICO Emergency Coordinator. The coordinators can also help answer questions. A list of emergency coordinators can be found at:

Thank you for your assistance in helping to ensure the NIH is a safe place to work for everyone.

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