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Foil the Flu Update: NIH Employee and Contractor Influenza Immunization Program

"Foil the Flu" is the NIH annual seasonal influenza immunization program. All federal employees and contractors with a valid NIH identification badge are eligible and encouraged to be immunized against the flu. Immunization is mandatory for all NIH employees and contractors who have contact with Clinical Center patients.

Plans for the 2019 Foil the Flu Campaign are well underway. The original start of the NIH immunization schedule is set to begin in October. However, there is a national delay in flu vaccine production impacting many institutions, including NIH.

The NIH understands employees are ready to receive their influenza immunization now. We continue to work with suppliers in an attempt to receive sufficient vaccine for a timely start of this year's campaign. We will notify employees as soon as we receive further guidance on the availability of vaccine and are ready to release the specific immunization schedule.

Also, for those 65 and older, eligible to receive a high-dose vaccine, due to manufacturing constraints, the supply of high-dose vaccine is limited nationwide. While we do expect to receive shipments of high-dose vaccine, it may not be available as early as the regular dose vaccine. We will continue to keep you posted as we learn more from the manufacturer.

In the meantime, please visit the Foil the Flu website ( for updates. If you still have questions, please contact Occupational Medical Service at 301-496-4411 or or the Hospital Epidemiology Service at 301-496-2209.

Foil the Flu is sponsored by:

NIH Office of Research Services/Division of Occupational Health and Safety/Occupational Medical Service and the NIH Clinical Center/Hospital Epidemiology Service

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