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Reminder on NIH Parking Policy and Transhare Update

As the NIH begins the process of returning to the physical workplace, the large surplus of available parking spots will quickly diminish in areas, especially with high employee densities such as Building 10. It is important that returning employees, contractors and affiliates adhere to the NIH Parking Policy contained in Manual Chapter 1410 ( As we begin repopulating the campus, please ensure you display a valid NIH parking permit (hanger or dashboard) allowing easy verification from the exterior of the vehicle. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure parking permits are clearly visible (parking hangers are hung from the rearview mirror and placards are placed on the vehicle's driver side dashboard).

Parking on any federal facility is a privilege not a right. As parking spots become less available, it is imperative you park in a spot that matches the permit displayed on your vehicle.

For the month of August, NIH will continue providing parking placards for those employees who normally receive Transhare but prefer to drive to work. An email will be sent to all Transhare participants on July 27 notifying of this waiver and will include the placard to be printed out and placed on the driver's dashboard. This placard will be good for only the month of August. This placard will allow the driver to park in a General parking space. Please do not park in Red, Carpool, Handicapped or other Reserved spaces. The ORS will continue to monitor parking on the campus and will make a decision about the Transhare waiver for September sometime in August.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Research Services, Employee Transportation Services Office (ETSO) at or (301) 496-5050.

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