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Dear Colleagues,
Please consider taking a brief survey about the Take The Stairs! campaign, an NIH-wide initiative launched by the NIH U.S. Public Health Service Officers with support from the NIH Office of Research Services. The campaign was designed to increase physical activity in the workplace by increasing stair usage.
The survey is intended to assess current use of the stairs at NIH work locations, gather information about possible facilitators/barriers to stair use, and assess the reach of the Take the Stairs! campaign. The survey, which is completely confidential, should take less than five minutes to complete. Please complete the survey at one sitting, as you will not be able to return to the survey. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to provide comments. We plan to disseminate the survey results to the NIH community and other stakeholders.
Please take the survey by Thursday, October 27, 2016:
Due to firewall constraints, the survey can be accessed only on NIH computers or other VPN-enabled NIH devices. If you encounter any issues with survey access, appearance, or 508 compliance, please contact Dr. Janice Rouiller, with the NIH Office of Research Services (ORS) Office of Quality Management (OQM) at

CAPT Peter H. Kilmarx, MD, on behalf of the Take the Stairs! Organizing Committee

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