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The NIH Recreation and Welfare (R&W) Association is an employee-services organization that offers a wide variety of programs and services aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of NIH staff, patients, patients' families and the NIH community. Their programs and services range from NIH clubs to financial seminars, to fitness centers and retail stores.
The R&W is excited to invite all NIH staff, their families and friends to the annual Children's Premiere Night at the Circus on Wednesday, March 30. All proceeds will benefit NIH patients, so please visit fedesp website to learn more about the R&W and especially the upcoming Circus Night, including a special free Pre-Show. You may purchase tickets online or at the R&W Retail Stores located in Building 31 (first floor) or Rockledge 1. 

You can also check out all of the R&W's upcoming events or subscribe to their newsletter at  

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