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If You Need Assistance Paying for Licensed Child Care


Are you a Title 5 (General Schedule or Wage Grade) or Title 42 NIH federal employee? Check to see if you qualify for the NIH Child Care Subsidy Program!


The NIH Child Care Subsidy Program helps NIH federal employees save money on child care tuition for children under the age of 13 enrolled with a licensed child care provider. Households making less than $75,000 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) may qualify for a subsidy of up to $5,000 per year. Look on your 2016 IRS Form 1040, line 37, to find your AGI to see if you qualify. This program is available nationwide.


You can submit an application at any time. If you are an NIH federal employee and think you may qualify, please visit to learn about eligibility and enrollment requirements. You can also call the Office of Research Services, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS), Child and Family Program Team at 301-402-8180. 


For more information about NIH Child and Family Programs, visit The DATS manages many NIH LISTSERVs that may also be of interest to you, which you can find at:   


You may also follow us @NIHEmplSrvcs on Twitter for more information about services that can assist you with balancing work and family, as well as other programs and employee services to improve your wellbeing.

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