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ORS breadcrumb Acronym Listing

Acronym Listing

Office of the Director - OD

Office of Administrative Management - OAM

Workforce Management & Planning Branch - WMPB

Administrative Services Branch - ASB

Information Technology Branch - ITB

Management Analysis & Review Branch - MARB

Office of Budget & Finance - OBF

Financial Management Branch - FMB

Office of Quality Management - OQM

Medical Arts Branch - MAB

Office of Program and Employee Services - PES

Events Management Branch - EMB

Quality Assurance Branch - QAB

Division of Mail Management Services - DMMS

Mail Customer Services Branch - MCSB

Mail Operations Branch - MOB

Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services - DSEIS

Business Management Office - BMO

Laboratory Equipment & Computer Service Branch - LECSB

Mechanical Instrumentation Design & Fabrication Branch - MIDFB

Equipment Rental & Sales Branch - ERSB

Division of Amenities and Transportation Services - DATS

Amenities Program Branch - APB

Transportation and Services Branch - TSB

Division of International Services - DIS

Office of Security and Emergency Response - SER

Division of Emergency Preparedness & Coordination - DEPC

Division of Personnel Security and Access Control - DPSAC

Division of Fire/Rescue Services - DFRS

Division of the Fire Marshal - DFM

Division of Police - DP

Guard Force Operations Branch - GFOB

Police Operations Branch - POB

Support Services Branch - SSB

Division of Physical Security Management - DPSM

Office of Scientific Resources - SR

Division of Library Services - DLS

Information Resources and Services Branch - IRSB

Education Services Branch - ESB

Information Architecture Branch - IAB

Division of Occupational Health and Safety - DOHS

Technical Assistance Branch - TAB

Safety Operations & Support Branch - SOSB

Community Health Branch - CHB

Occupational Medical Services - OMS

Division of Veterinary Resources - DVR

Business Management Office - BMO

Facility Management Branch - FMB

Diagnostic & Research Services Branch - DRSB

Veterinary Medical Branch - VMB

Division of Radiation Safety - DRS

Radiation Safety Operations Branch - RSOB

Materials Control & Analysis Branch - MCAB