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The following steps will help ensure you are prepared and ready to take action if a fire emergency were to occur in your workplace.
  • Post the fire department emergency phone number by your phone. When on the NIH Bethesda campus, dial 911 from an office phone (or 301-496-9911 from a cell phone). For off-campus NIH facilities dial 9-911 from an office phone (or 911 from a cell phone).
  • Locate the nearest fire alarm manual pull stations from your work area and know how to operate them.
  • Know the sound of your building fire alarm system so you know when to take action if your building fire alarm system is activated.
  • Familiarize yourself with the building you work in so you know how to evacuate the building from wherever you are in the building.
  • Know at least two ways out of your building.
  • Participate in evacuation drills and familiarize yourself with NIH Policy Manual 1430 – NIH Occupant Evacuation Plan ( so you understand your building's Occupant Evacuation Plan.   
  • If you have a disability, participate in the Occupant Emergency Organization for your building. Discuss in advance with the Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination, Emergency Planning Coordinator (Phone: (301) 496-1985) what assistance you will need to alert you and to help you leave your work area and get to a safe location.

If you have any fire safety issues or questions, please contact the Division of the Fire Marshal, Office of Research Services at (301) 496-0487. For occupant evacuation planning issues or questions, please contact the Division of Emergency Management, Office of Research Services at (301) 496-1985.

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