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​NIH Child Care Board Seeks New Voting Members

If you are interested in child care as a work-life issue at the NIH, please consider this opportunity to make a difference!

The NIH Child Care Board seeks interested NIH federal employees to fill Board vacancies for the 2019-2022 term. The Board is recruiting earlier than our usual Spring announcement for vacancies. Individuals selected will begin serving on the board in January 2019.

The NIH Child Care Board serves two primary functions:

(1) Advises the NIH Director with regard to child care programs and policies.
(2) Advocates for affordable, accessible, and quality child care for the NIH community.

Members serve for three years and are required to attend seven meetings per calendar year. The Board seeks diverse representation from across all NIH ICs, including employment type, family composition, gender, and race and ethnicity. Participation on the Board is an official duty, requires supervisor approval, and may be included as a non-critical element on an employee's performance plan.

You do not need to be a child development expert to join the Board – just an NIH federal employee with an interest in child care, resources for parents/grandparents/caregivers, work-life issues, and a willingness to actively participate in the Board's work. 

For a description of membership requirements, information about current and past Board activities, the 2018-2019 Work Plan, and an online application, please visit:

The application deadline is December 21, 2018.

The NIH Child Care Board's next meeting will be on December 13, 2018. All Board meetings are open to NIH employees. If you are interested in attending a meeting to observe the Board at work, or would like more information, please contact Ms. Tonya Lee, Office of Research Services, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS), at or (301) 827-3250, or visit the Child and Family Program website at

You may follow us @NIHEmplSrvcs on Twitter for more information about services that can assist you with balancing work and family, making healthy food choices, as well as other programs and employee services to improve your wellbeing. The DATS manages many NIH LISTSERVs that may also be of interest to you, which you can find at:

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