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​Revised Dates: Construction Activity to Close Parking Lots and Service Road Near Buildings 11, 12 and 13 from October 26 - November 5

The construction activity previously scheduled for October 19 - 29 has been changed to Friday, October 26 - Monday, November 5. The work will affect the service road and parking lots near Buildings 11, 12 and 13. Traffic will be closed to both vehicles and pedestrians due to the installation of a crane for construction work on the Central Utility Plant (Building 11).

Specifically, the following parking lots and service road will be closed to both vehicles and pedestrians from October 26 – November 5:

  • Parking lot in front of Building 11
  • Portion of parking lot in front of Building 13
  • Service road between Buildings 11 and 13
  • Service court, parking lot and loading docks between Buildings 12 and 13

As part of the assembly and disassembly of the crane, a portion of Parking Lot 41 will be occupied, taking up approximately 26 parking spaces, on Friday, October 26 and Monday, November 5.

Please help us to maintain safety during these operations by following posted signs and staying out of affected areas as indicated.

For questions regarding this message, please contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677. TTY is available at 301-435-1908. For questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact the Office of Research Facilities Project Officer, John Egan, at or 301-451-6361.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we upgrade the Central Utility Plant at NIH.


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