Badging Services at Other Remote Locations

Guidelines for NIH ICs Needing HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) Enrollment, Issuance and Maintenance Services at Remote Locations

How to Arrange HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) Enrollment, Issuance and Maintenance Services at Remote Locations

Make ORS Personnel Security Your First Stop When Seeking Badging Assistance from Another HHS Operating Division (OPDIV)

From time to time remote NIH employees, contractors, and affiliates will require assistance with identity proofing, enrollment, certificate renewal, and ID badge issuance. If an individual is unable to visit an NIH badging facility due to lack of proximity, please reach out to the NIH Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC) to request scheduling an appointment at a non-NIH Health and Human Services (HHS) badging facility.

Please DO NOT reach out directly to non-NIH HHS badging offices for badging assistance.

AOs should contact ORS Personnel Security regarding remote badging services. DPSAC has made arrangements with the Program Support Center (PSC) in the Department's 10 regional offices to assist with Identity Proofing, Enrollment, and Badge Issuance. The 10 PSC offices are located in the following cities: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City (MO), Denver, San Francisco and Seattle. Four field offices administered by the HHS Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA) also offer badging services. These are: Miami, Cleveland, Salt Lake City and Irvine (CA). DPSAC will coordinate the appointments at these 14 locations.

There are additional HHS badging facilities at locations not listed here that require DPSAC to communicate with on a case by case basis. Please contact DPSAC for further information.

DPSAC will coordinate all of the badging services related to the remote individual.

DPSAC encourages Administrative Officers (AO) to contact ORS Personnel Security at in order to make the arrangements with the appropriate parties. Please contact ORS Personnel Security for any other inquires related to NIH enrollment and/or badging.

Instructions to NIH Institutes & Centers (IC) Points of Contact:
1. NIH PIV badge requests must be completed in NED (including sponsorship).
2. NED's 'View Badge History' must say, 'Awaiting Applicant Enrollment,' for any new badge request for re-issuance (renewals, damaged/broken, lost/stolen, classification changes to/from FTE, Legal Name Change).
Please contact the DPSAC helpdesk for inquiries regarding NED status:
3. Broken badges must be confirmed according to NIH internal guidance: "Troubleshooting Guide to Diagnose Problems With Your PIV Badge."

4. Send your list of applicant names and HHS ID numbers to DPSAC at DPSAC will work with your office to arrange for any necessary appointments at the appropriate PSC Regional Office.

Note: you will need to alert DPSAC to the service(s) needed (i.e., enrollment, badge issuance, PIN reset or certificate renewal) in your e-mail.

5. Confirm appointments with applicants and inform them of the requirement to bring two forms of matching ID for enrollment appointments (one must be a government-issued photo ID).

Note: The PSC does not travel to the IC. The IC must travel to the PSC Regional Office. Also, ICs may pay for travel to the PSC Regional Office.
These instructions do not apply for Rocky Mountain Laboratories (MT), NIEHS/RTP (NC), Bayview Research Center (BRC), Baltimore, MD and Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Frederick,(MD. Enrollment and Issuance Work Stations are available at these locations as well as some Lifecycle Work Stations (LWS).