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Foil the Flu

The annual influenza vaccine clinic sponsored by the NIH Office of Research Services and the Clinical Center will begin offering flu vaccinations on October 1, 2018 in the
Building 10, CRC, 7th Floor Atrium, East Side. Free flu shot clinics are also scheduled at certain off-campus sites and locations.

2018-2019 Immunization Schedule

To view the 2018-2019 Immunization Schedule, visit:

High-Dose Vaccine

Staff ages 65 and older will be eligible to receive a high-dose vaccine that stimulates a stronger immune response. People age 65 and older tend to develop lower levels of protective antibodies with a regular-dose vaccine. To learn more about the high-dose flu shot, visit:

Healthcare Personnel

All staff who have face-to-face patient contact—nurses and doctors but also clerks, housekeepers, and others—must be vaccinated against influenza. Immunization of healthcare personnel protects immunocompromised patients, for whom influenza can be a severe or fatal infection. Documentation is required for all declinations, as well as for immunizations received outside NIH. Declination must be done in person at Occupational Medical Service (Building 10/6C306). Those who submitted written provider documentation of most medical contraindications last year need not do so again. Those who have severe egg allergies are no longer exempt as this year’s regular-dose vaccine is the egg-free, cell-based vaccine, Flucelvax. Interested staff should review the following information before visiting the clinic:

NIH Foil The Flu 2018 - Dr. Anthony Fauci



If you have questions about the influenza vaccine, call the Clinical Center Hospital Epidemiology Service at (301) 496-2209 or Occupational Medical Service at (301) 496-4411.