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Medical Illustration

Medical illustraton sample images

Your research will gain the professional recognition when dynamic images and animations tell your research story and communicate your achievements clearly, completely, and professionally.

With Master of Arts degrees in Medical Illustration, the team uses their combination of science and art training to help with the challenges you face. They have proven themselves so valuable to NIH scientists they’ve been included as co-authors.

For questions, contact Alan Hoofring at or (301) 435-8293. To find out more consult the Service Directory.

“ In the two years I've used their services, my interactions with the Medical Illustration Group have been extremely positive. Their first-rate illustrators are enthusiastic, knowledgeable in computerized drawing methods, and they understand the importance of visually appealing scientific illustrations and animals. Their work for us has resulted in several journal cover illustrations and I highly recommend their services.”

Sriram Subramaniam, PhD

Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Cell Biology