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Bike Voucher Information

To provide monthly subsidy benefits to our Bicycle Subsidy Program participants, the NIH, ORS, DATS utilizes a voucher system.  Currently, DATS uses a voucher product from Commuter Check for Bicycling, and are issued in $20 amounts each month.

The NIH Bicycle Subsidy Program issues these vouchers through our Commuting and Parking Services (CAPS) IT system.  Vouchers are mailed through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to each participant’s home address.  It is critical that home addresses are accurate as the DATS is not responsible for vouchers lost because of non-delivery by the USPS. 

Commuter Check for Bicycling vouchers are good at many local and national bicycle retailers. Please remember these vouchers are intended to ensure NIH is in compliance with IRS tax codes and are intended for bicycle maintenance and supplies.  Follow this link to Commuter Check’s complete list of participating venders.  Please ensure “ Bicycling” is selected as the commuting method.

Commuter Check for Bicycling Voucher Example

Participants are eligible for a voucher for each month they are members of the program.   As a typical example, DATS will mail vouchers for the benefit month of April by March 22nd.