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Division of International Services
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About Us
About the Staff

Division of International Services (DIS) Staff

The DIS staff is comprised of experienced immigration specialists and program support who strive to provide accurate and responsive immigration-related support to advance the NIH research mission.

We have three key teams at DIS. Two of our teams primarily focus on case processing for NIH scientists. Our customer service team addresses general inquires and manages our office communications, including our website and newsletters.

If you have a question related to an open case at DIS and are already in touch with a DIS staff member, you may contact them directly. Otherwise, please refer to our Contact Us webpage.

Director’s Team

Director: Candelario Zapata, RO

Immigration Policy Analyst: Annie Shih, ARO
Data Entry Clerk: Thu Hong La-Huynh

Customer Service Team

Team Leader: Cynthia Tasaki, ARO

Immigration Specialist: Kara Fulginiti, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Julia Snegg, ARO

FTE / Employee Processing Team

Team Leader: Sarah Royalty, ARO

Immigration Policy Analyst: Brian Daly, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Beatriz Winkelspecht, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Emily King, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Katie McLaughlin, ARO

Non-FTE / Fellow Processing Team

Team Leader: Margaret Richmond, ARO

Immigration Specialist: Amy Kenney, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Anabelle Filbert, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Valerie Martini, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Kirby Riley, ARO
Immigration Specialist: Ryan Williams, ARO

FDA Team


International Patient Services Team

E-mail IPSTeam

Waiver Team

E-mail DISWaiver

DIS Info 
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8:30am - 4:30pm
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Monday – Thursday
1:30pm – 3:30pm
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