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Division of International Services
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Administrative Staff
Technical Advisories
No.TitleLast Revised
1 DIS Processing Times Advisory
DIS Processing Times Chart
Processing Times FAQ
4 Patient Contact Summary for Foreign Scientists at NIH06/2006
4aApplying for Incidental Patient Contact for NIH-Sponsored Foreign Scientists Holding a J-1 Visa; Incidental Patient Contact "Certificate 3"06/2006
5 B-1 Nonimmigrant Visa Classification and B-1 Visa Waiver Program05/2014
6 Summary of Official Program Lengths for Visiting Foreign Scientists at NIH01/2012
9 Foreign Guest Researcher and Special Volunteer Programs at NIH 06/2006
11 Guidance for Extensions Beyond Five Years for J-1 Exchange Visitors(Research Scholar Category) in the G-7 Program 11/2014
14 Immigration Regulations Under the North American Free Trade Agreement for the US, Canada and Mexico: Overview and Comparison Chart01/2009
20Use of H-1B and O-1 Nonimmigrant Visas at the NIH: Overview; H-1B/O-1 Comparison chart and O-1 Criteria06/2006
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