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Division of International Services
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Visiting Scientists
New Arrival Information

Information for those currently INSIDE the United States

If you are currently inside the U.S., please work very closely with your DIS Immigration Specialist to ensure a smooth transition to the NIH. This transition may involve changing your immigration status and/or changing your sponsor or employer. Upon receiving a request from your upcoming NIH laboratory/branch, an Immigration Specialist will contact you to discuss these procedures. Please do *not* quit or leave your current position before discussing your case with this Specialist.

NOTE: If your arrival date to the NIH has changed or is delayed, please coordinate a new arrival date with your NIH Institute/Center (IC) sponsor and administrative Key Contact, as well as inform the DIS of these changes. Your IC Key Contact is responsible for assisting you with administrative matters and serves as a liaison with the DIS. A full listing of IC Key Contacts is available here.

After your arrival, you must report to the DIS no later than your first day of work in the laboratory/branch. You can, however, check-in with us before your first day. Failure to check-in can result in cancellation of your program at the NIH! Click here to continue on your journey and learn how to check-in with the DIS.

For details regarding your specific visa classification, click here.

Information on moving to the NIH and other resources are available here.​

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