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Contact Information

For questions, please contact:

Division of Emergency Management
Phone: (301) 496-1985

For questions specific to your Institute or Center, please contact your Emergency Coordinator.

        Emergency Numbers
​On Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  (301) 496-9911
​Off Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  911

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Privacy Act Notification Statement

Collection of this information is authorized under 5 U.S.C. 301 and 302, 44 U.S.C. 3101 and 3102, Executive Order 9397. The primary use of this information include but are not limited to: a) providing an automatic emergency web-based notification service that allows key personnel such as the NIH Director, IC Directors and/or their designee(s) to send a single message to hundreds or thousands of people via any or all of their government-issued and/or designated personal communication devices, b) providing the capability to the NIH Director, IC Directors and/or their designee(s) to receive, and communicate real-time responses via the Internet and/or e-mail, and c) to notify IC leadership, NIH Emergency Crisis Response Team Members and other designated mission-essential personnel such as patient and animal care-givers of emergency situations that exist or may occur in the buildings, facilities, and sites in which they work or for which they are responsible. This information may be disclosed to NIH Emergency/Crisis Response Team Personnel, Supervisors, NIH Senior Staff, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Personnel Management, Federal, State and Local health and law enforcement officials, and contractors working on our behalf as necessary in the event of an emergency. Submission of this information is voluntary, however, in order for us to notify you in the event of an emergency, you should complete all fields. You will always retain the ability to opt out of receiving future messages, and can of course, delete any messages you receive at home, or in the office.