Badge Services at Other Remote Locations

Guidelines for NIH ICs Needing HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) Enrollment, Issuance and Maintenance Services at Remote Locations (For NIH Team Members Who Will NOT Work On/Near an NIH Campus)

How to Request HHS ID Badge Enrollment, Issuance, and Maintenance Services at Remote Locations
The Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC) can help to coordinate non-routine enrollments (photo/fingerprints), badge issuance, and badge maintenance services with other HHS Operating Divisions for employees who reside in areas that are far removed from NIH campus locations (i.e. Bethesda, MD; Baltimore, MD/Bayview Research Center; Frederick, MD /Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research, Research Triangle Park, NC; and Rocky Mountain Labs, MT).  

Demand for remote services is very high. Requests for remote services can only be submitted by the servicing AO/AT.  Service availability is limited and these requests require an extensive approval and coordination process which can be lengthy and, at times, difficult. Remote service requests can add an additional 4 weeks or more to DPSAC case processing times. Hence, employees in remote locations who will be visiting an NIH campus for meetings, house-hunting, or other reasons prior to their official arrival for work are highly encouraged to take maximum advantage of NIH Enrollment/Badging services on NIH Campuses (Our main campus office at Building 31, Room 1B03 takes routine walk-ins from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM).  

For NIH team members who will not be working on an NIH campus or visiting an NIH campus, remote enrollment and issuance services may be an appropriate option.  HHS has Program Support Center (PSC) offices located in the following cities: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City (MO), Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, and Irvine (CA). Additional locations may also be available on a case by case basis through other HHS Operating Divisions. DPSAC will attempt to coordinate with the closest available office to the employee, however traveling to that office may still require substantial driving time.

When remote services are needed, Administrative Officers (AOs) should provide the following information to DPSAC so that the coordination/approval process can be initiated:

REQUEST FOR REMOTE BADGE SERVICES.docx (Click this link to view the form. Hit the 'Escape' key once MS Word opens the document to view an editable version)

AOs should check the "View Badge History" screen in the NED system as part of the request, confirming the customer is "Awaiting Enrollment" and/or "Badge Issuance" prior to submitting the requestRequests that are not ready for services in NED or requests that are incomplete cannot be processed. (note: NED will not reflect situations involving Certificate Renewals, Broken Badges and PIN Resets). AOs should also pay close attention to (and adjust as needed) the Entry on Duty Date (EOD) in NED to ensure the badge transaction does not terminate before the badge is issued. The NED transaction will terminate if the badge is not issued/picked up within 120 days of the EOD Date. Requests should be sent by AOs to:

Once DPSAC is in receipt of this information, it will submit the request for approval to the HHS PSC, which will then coordinate with the local PSC office to schedule an appointment.  Requests must be fully submitted and fully approved before any remote badging services are delivered. Accurate email addresses and phone numbers are particularly important.