Replacing Your Badge

Lost/Stolen ID Badges (Start with your AO):  

Report lost/stolen ID Badges to your Administrative Officer (AO) AND to Access Control (301-451-4766). Your AO will need to report your badge as lost/stolen in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) to authorize a replacement ID Badge. It will be necessary to repeat the identity proofing, photographing and fingerprinting process (Enrollment), but the replacement ID Badge can be issued shortly thereafter. The expiration date on the new ID Badge will be the same as the date on your lost/stolen badge. 

Broken Badges (Start with Access Control): 

Badge holders working at the Bethesda campus or at nearby locations should bring their broken badge to one of the following DPSAC Badge Issuance Centers:

  • Building 31, Rm. B1A26 
  • Building 10-Clinical Research Center, Room 1C52 (South Lobby). 
  • 9609 Medical Center Drive, Room 2E116. 

Contact information as well as hours of operation for these locations are posted at:  

Access Control will diagnose and correct the problem or replace the ID Badge if necessary. The expiration date on the new badge will be the same as the date on your broken badge.* 

[ As of January 16, 2009, Administrative Officers are no longer required to initiate the replacement of a broken badge in NED.]  

*Instructions for replacing a broken badge at certain NIH remote satellite facilities can be found by clicking on the appropriate link below: 

Troubleshooting Guide to Diagnose Problems With Your PIV Badge: 

  1. Were you able to get onto campus and/or any buildings/rooms with your badge today?
  2. Are you able to log in to your computer and/or any IT systems (e.g., NED) with your HHS ID Badge and PIN?
    • If YES, you badge should be working correctly. Please contact the NIH Access Control Helpdesk at (301) 451-4766 or with any concerns.
    • If NO, please proceed to question 3.
  3. Did you try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on someone else’s computer?
    • If YES, please proceed to question 4.
    • If NO, please try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on another computer. Then proceed to question 4.
  4. Were you able to successfully log in using someone else’s computer?


Returning Your Badge When Leaving NIH

If you plan to leave the employ of NIH, whether you’re an employee, contractor or affiliate, you will need to turn in your HHS ID Badge to your Administrative Officer so that s/he can deactivate your badge in NED. The AO will turn over the deactivated badge to the badging office.

Note: if you are moving from one Institute/Center to another, your badge will not change.


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