Background Checks

The background check (also referred to as personnel security investigation) is a Federal government job requirement for individuals working at NIH who need an HHS ID Badge (PIV Card).  Providing the information is voluntary; however, if you choose not to provide the required information, you will not meet the job requirements and will therefore not be considered further.  If you are currently employed by the Federal government, administrative actions may be taken.

In most circumstances, you will be issued your ID badge when NIH verifies that you have met minimum investigative requirements. If you have not met those requirements yet, you will receive your badge when NIH successfully completes your fingerprint check. Your background check will then begin and you will receive notice of the results of the investigation when it is completed. *
The background check can take a few weeks or several months, depending upon the type of investigation needed.  The scope of your background check is determined by the sensitivity of your position. Background investigations may be transferable between federal agencies.

* Note: Background investigations may be required of contractors, [i.e., contract stipulations for access to sensitive information will generally require background investigations even if physical and/or network access, or issuance of an HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) is not required].