Rights and Appeals

If your application for a new ID badge is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. You also may request a copy of your investigative file after you receive your decision letter. You will also be given the opportunity to correct or clarify any information you believe may be inaccurate.

If an HHS ID badge (PIV card) is denied or revoked, you have the right to appeal. You will be provided a written statement of the reason(s) why your badge was denied or revoked, and the procedures for filing an appeal. You may respond to the decision in writing and furnish documentation that addresses the validity, truthfulness, and/or completeness of the specific reasons for the determination in support of your response. If you believe the information gathered about you during the background investigation was misleading or inaccurate, you will be given the opportunity to correct or clarify that information.

The Adjudicative Process

The adjudicative process is the careful weighing of a number of variables known as the “whole person concept.” Available, reliable information about the person, past and present, favorable and unfavorable, should be considered in reaching a determination. The final suitability determination will be based on good judgment and common sense after consideration of all these variables.

Tips on Adjudication:

  • Voluntarily report any unfavorable information
  • Be truthful and complete in responding to questions
  • Seek assistance and follow professional guidance, where appropriate
  • Resolve suitability concerns favorably, (e.g., credit problems)
  • Demonstrate positive changes in behavior and employment


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