PIV Forms

PDF documents on this page require the free Adobe Reader.

Form HHS-745 – HHS ID Badge Request (PDF, 5 Pages) – This form may be completed by the applicant to provide personal information to his/her Administrative Officer.

Parental Consent Rider to Form HHS-745 (PDF, 1 Page) – ALL minors who work or volunteer at NIH are required to undergo a 'name check' administered by the NIH Police in order to be issued an NIH legacy ID badge. This policy extends to Summer students who are minors as well as to any other minors who are engaged by NIH (e.g., volunteers).

The NIH Police will need a signed parental consent in addition to the Form HHS-745 before they can administer the name check. Once the form and parental consent rider are printed, completed and signed, the individual should deliver these documents to the NIH Police office located in Building 31, Room B3B12.

Once the individual has been authorized to be issued the legacy badge, s/he will receive an e-mail with instructions to pick up the new badge at the Badge Issuance station in Building 31, Room B1A26.