HSPD-12 Related Acronyms


ANSI: American National Standards Institute

ATO:Authority to Operate

BI: Background Investigation

BITS:Background Information Tracking System

BSL:Biosafety Levels

CA: Certification Authority

CAN: Common Account Number

CHUID:Cardholder Unique Identifier

CIT:Center for Information Technology


CJIS:Criminal Justice Information Services

DIS:Division of International Services

DP:Division of Police

DPSAC:Division of Personnel Security and Access Control

EOD: Entry on Duty

e-QIP: Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing

FICC: Federal Identity and Credentialing Committee

FIPS 201-1: Federal Information Processing Standards

HHS: Department of Health and Human Services

HR: Human Resources

HSPD-12: Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

IDMS: ID Management System

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

JPAS: Joint Personnel Adjudication System

LACS: Logical Access Control System

LBI: Limited Background Investigation

MBI: Minimum Background Investigation

NAC: National Agency Check

NACI: National Agency Check and Inquiries

NACIC: NACI and Credit

NACLC: NAC with Local Agency Check and Credit

NCIC: National Crime Information Center

NED: NIH Enterprise Directory

OMB: Office of Management and Budget

OPDIV: HHS Operating Division

OPM: Office of Personnel Management

PACS: Physical Access Control System

PII: Personal Identifying Information

PIN: Personal Identification Number

PIPS: Personnel Investigations Processing System

PIV: Personal Identity Verification

SAC: Special Agreement Check

SF: Standard Form

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SP: Special Publication

SSBI: Single Scope Background Investigation

SSBI-PR: SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation