HSPD-12 Program Office

“Establishing Policy for Uniform Credentialing at NIH”

The HSPD-12 Program Office provides program management oversight for the HSPD-12 initiative at NIH. It is responsible for ensuring that program goals are achieved and timeframes for delivery are met while streamlining security processes for the NIH community. The Office plans and helps implement the NIH HSPD-12 initiative. It provides program management oversight by leading the project, managing timelines, developing program documentation, educating NIH members and ensuring compliance with the Directive.

DPSAC and the HSPD-12 Program Office recognize the importance of maintaining open communications with its nearly 40,000 customers as they introduce new policies and procedures to carry out the President’s mandate. Through the use of help desks, a bi-weekly e-newsletter, e-mail alerts, regular staff meetings to identify problems and propose solutions, a website dedicated to the PIV process and HSPD-12, web based training for applicants and administrators, and a host of other communications tools, those leading the HSPD-12 effort strive to keep the NIH workforce informed as milestones are met and new procedures are refined.