Purchasing USB SmartCard Readers

Most computers at NIH will be required to have a FIPS 201 certified smartcard reader that will work with the new HHS ID Badge (SmartCard). ICs are responsible for purchasing Smartcard Readers for computers that do not have one.

If your IC needs to obtain smartcard readers, click on http://cio.egos.nih.gov to link to NITAAC's Electronic Government Ordering System (e-GOS) to submit your order.

Note: Of the two products shown, ActivIdentity V3 is the name brand product and the SCR3310v2.0 is the generic version. The device driver (if needed) for the ActivIdentity version is installed as part of the ActivClient software install; the SCR device drivers (if needed) require downloading from the SCM website. Either unit is acceptable.

In addition to the smartcard reader, each computer must also be configured with the ActivClient PIV middleware (which has already been licensed for NIH use by HHS). Information about obtaining this software and installation instructions are posted at: https://ocio.nih.gov/Smartcard/Pages/PIV_activclient.aspx