Division Title
Health and Wellness


  1. Everyone with an NIH-issued ID is entitled to receive emergency medical care in OMS. 
  2. Everyone at the NIH must report their work-related injuries to OMS as soon as possible. Serious injuries need to be reported immediately.
    • OMS provides clinical care to everyone at the NIH who reports an occupational injury within 24 hours of its occurrence.
    • If a non-Federal employee reports an occupational injury more than 24 hours after the accident, the OMS clinician is only permitted to record the circumstances of the incident.
    • OMS provides initial evaluation, treatment, and follow-up medical care to anyone at the NIH who sustains a possible exposure to HIV, monkey B virus, or other potentially life-threatening human pathogen.
    • OMS is not permitted to provide follow-up medical care to non-Federal employees if the injury did not involve a potential exposure to a life-threatening human pathogen.
  3. Everyone with an NIH-issued ID is encouraged to receive the seasonal flu vaccine from OMS.
  4. NIH employees and contractors invited to participate in the Biological Surety Program receive medical evaluations, work-related immunizations, and related emergency medical care from OMS.
  5. Contractors are eligible to receive only the services listed above. OMS is not permitted to offer other routine services (for example, preplacement medical evaluations, other immunizations, participation in other surveillance programs, etc.) to contractors.