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Animal Facility Management

DVR supports the NIH Community by providing facility management services, housing and husbandry, veterinary and critical care, quarantine, enrichment, and nutrition. DVR manages 11 buildings encompassing 300,000 gross square feet of animal housing and laboratory space at the NIH Bethesda campus, and 7 buildings encompassing 150,000 gross square feet of animal housing space at the 513 acre NIH animal center in Poolesville, Maryland. DVR provides housing for approximately 100,000 animals, primarily rodents, but for rabbits, primates, carnivores, and ungulates as well. DVR has the capability of housing animals in conventional, SPF, or hazard containment environments.

Management Team

Name and Title (click to email)
Chief, Facility Management Branch​
Kris Eckard
Animal Facility Specialist
Mike Furlow
Animal Facility Specialist
​301-594-3650Non-Human Primates
14B North, 14D, 14F, 14G
Animal Facility Specialist
Rodents and Small Animals
14C, 14E, 14F, 14G
Animal Facility Specialist
ACRF Tower Coordinator
28 and 
Cagewash Services: 10B2, 14A, 14H
Jill Barriere
​Animal Facility Specialist
301-402-6679​Animal Transportation
Sekou Savane
​Animal Facility Specialist
​Rodent Quarantine
​Samir Balala
Animal Facility Specialist
​​301-435-3010​102, 103, 104
Lisa Crossman
​Animal Facility Specialist
​301-443-0318​NIHAC 102, 103, 104
Dave Williams
Facilities & Equipment Specialist​
Alphie Cisar
Animal Facility Specialist
​301-402-3957​Non-Human Primate Resource Manager


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