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CREx tool OMS Coronavirus Screening Questionnaire

If you are an employee, are sick and/or have a reasonable concern that you have been exposed to the new novel coronavirus(SARS-CoV-2) in the past 14 days, please fill out the screening questionnaire

Occupational Medical Service (OMS) administers the NIH staff Coronavirus survey. OMS is a part of the Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) and offers medical assistance to NIH employees (FTE, contractor, trainee, etc.).

virus NIH Guidance for Staff on CoronavirusUPDATE - Return to physical workspaces guidance and code of conductBe sure to stay up-to-date on the status of changes to NIH campus services in response to COVID-19.
This page provides guidance to NIH staff, including employees, contractors, trainees and volunteers, on preventive measures, frequently asked questions, and links to important resources related to COVID-19.

COVD-vaccineUnderlying Medical Condition(s) Form for NIH COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization
Certain underlying medical conditions are thought to increase one’s risk of severe illness if they get (or acquire) COVID-19. The purpose of this certification form is to offer NIH staff who have a medical condition as diagnosed by a sufficiently qualified healthcare provider outside of one’s family, to inform NIH of this medical condition for the purposes of seeking a COVID-19 vaccine from NIH in advance of their usual NIH staff prioritization group.

Woman on bus Return to Physical Workplace Safety Guide
Review these policies and procedures for all NIH staff on how to protect themselves and others in work areas. For a full list of EPA approved disinfectants for coronaviruses appropriate in the NIH environment, review the EPA Approved Disinfectants for Coronaviruses. View the NIH Coronavirus Safety Guidance video to educate yourself on ensuring a safe return work.
Need to report an unsafe work condition? Complete the safety reporting tool. You may also file a report at 301-480-8990. 

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