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For NIH Scientists

NIH Visitor Map Maximizing Value Presentation for Intramural Scientists
ORS is offering a presentation on key services and resources to laboratories or research-related groups in the intramural research community.
If laboratories in the Intramural Research Program would like to maximize the value of services offered to them by ORS, and how they can be discovered in CREx, contact Kate Oliver to schedule a presentation on services and resources for NIH scientists.

CREx tool CREx: a Discovery Tool for ORS Scientific Resources

CREx is available to NIH scientists and staff as part of the Intramural Research Program. It's an exclusive NIH online searchable platform where IRP researchers can locate resources, services, and external vendor information to support their work at the NIH. Learn more about this useful tool and how to schedule a training.

International country flagsFAQs for Foreign National VisitorsWhat happens when a foreign national arrives at the NIH as a visitor? Are there additional screening measures for some foreign nationals? Find answers to these and other frequently asked questions about foerign national visitors.


Sponsoring a foreign national visitor? Visit Frequently Asked Questions for Employees to learn more about foreign national visitors to the NIH, security protocols for conferences and symposia, and other common questions on security, safety and access at the NIH.
Scientists working in lab NIH Visiting Scientists Program

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Visiting Program provides opportunities for foreign scientists to train and conduct collaborative research at the NIH.The Visiting Program is open to foreign national scientists, typically those at the early stages of their careers. 

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