Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC)

Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC)

T'Nae Brown, Director
Felicia Walker, Deputy Director
31 Center Drive                                                       
Building 31, Room 1B03                                         
Bethesda, MD 20892                                              
Phone: (301) 402-9755 (DPSAC Help Desk)                          

The Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC) within the Office of Research Services (ORS) is responsible for verifying personal identity, validating suitability, conducting background checks, authorizing facility access and issuing ID badges for NIH personnel. Its mission is to simplify the identity verification and badging process for new and existing NIH personnel and to implement the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 External Website (HSPD-12) at NIH.

DPSAC is the lead organization responsible for implementing the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) process (including the issuance of the “smart” HHS ID badge) for NIH. In 2007,  DPSAC began implementing the HSPD-12 directive by identifying NIH expiring badge holders, new employees, contractors and affiliates, and enrolling them in the PIV system. By June, 2010, all of the approximately 35,000 badge holders at NIH were identity proofed, fingerprinted and issued their new HHS ID Badge. Background investigations for these individuals have either been completed or are expected to conclude by 2012.  All new employees, contractors and affiliates arriving at NIH will go through the same PIV process prior to receiving their HHS ID Badges.

The PIV process, including the issuance of the new HHS ID Badge, is designed to protect employees, facilities, and information, and safeguard our government resources that provide critical services to the American people.

DPSAC Assistance

Everyone at NIH who applies for a new or replacement HHS ID Badge will pass through the DPSAC Badge Enrollment Center in Building 31, Room 1B03* **. Here applicants will deliver certain necessary forms and be fingerprinted, and later get photographed and be issued a new HHS ID badge.  Specialists are available to answer questions about Personnel Security and Access Control and help applicants navigate through the PIV process.

* Some NIH satellite facilities will have their own Badge Enrollment Centers. Contact information for these facilities is listed under Access Control.

** Click here to view a complete list of Enrollment and Badging station locations as well as hours of operation.


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