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Office of the Director


Message from the Director


Welcome to the Office of Research Services.

The ORS has an ongoing commitment to its NIH customers and its own staff to build and sustain a work environment characterized by quality services, innovative approaches to service provision, along with responsible and accountable cost management. Our philosophy is to work across organizational boundaries within ORS and among other central service organizations to provide seamless service to our NIH customers. The ORS is committed to customer satisfaction by taking ownership and accepting responsibility and accountability for the level of service we deliver. We are striving to make a positive impact in every interaction with customers throughout the NIH community.

Timothy J. Tosten, MPA
Acting Director, Office of Research Services


About the ORS Office of the Director


 The Office of the Director (OD) provides leadership, direction, and overall management to ORS' 15 Division and 4 Offices. The ORS OD establishes and implements policy and allocates resources required to support NIH's research mission and programmatic goals.​