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Division of International Services
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Administrative Staff
KeyCon List/ IC Data Sheet

Key Contacts for NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs)

Each Institute or Center (IC) at the National Institutes of Health designates an individual to be the main liaison with our office for a particular IC lab/branch. This liaison is known as the IC Key Contact (KC). The KC is knowledgeable about the IC's requests and internal approval process, and has access to the DIS Case Status and Reports system. Inquiries should be routed through the KC for your lab/branch.

Click here to enter the Keycon-L Archive (NIH users Only) 
— an archive of postings to the Division of International Services listserv with pertinent information for NIH Administrative Staff.

IC Key Contact Lists (NIH users Only)

Click on Institute or Center names below to download Key Contact data sheets in pdf format.

To request an edit or update to an IC data sheet, email

B-1/WB Delegate List (NIH users Only) 
— This is the master list of DIS-approved B-1/WB Delegates. To be added to this list, administrative staff must attend a training and submit a signed Delegate Attestation to DIS. We will update this list on a monthly basis as needed. Contact DIS with any questions.



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