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NIH Child Care Centers

The National Institutes of Health recognizes the important role high quality, affordable and accessible child care plays in the lives of NIH employees.  Each of the NIH sponsored child care centers are separate private businesses, operated by parent boards.  Each center provides a unique learning experience and are held to the highest standards of quality.  The NIH Child Care Program has set up a system to ensure the centers consistently provide care which follows Maryland Child Care Licensing Standards, as well as maintaining accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 
The NIH Child Care Program does not have responsibility for the day-to-day business administration of the child care centers; including financial, administrative software tools or management of staff. 

NIH Sponsored Child Care Centers:

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Which Center is Best for Your Family?

 Each of the NIH Sponsored child care centers provides high quality child care, based on current early childhood best practices.  However, each program has its own unique program characterics and dynamics.  Below is a link to a side-by-side comparison chart of the Maryland centers.  As a parent, it is up to you to research each center to determine which center would be a good fit for your family.  You can obtain additional information by contacting the programs directly to request a tour.


Click to view a side-by-side comparison chart of the NIH Sponsored Child Care Centers located in Montgomery County, Maryland.

NIH Wait List:

Wait List Registration
The NIH has contracted with LifeWork Strategies, Inc. to oversee and administer a consolidated Waiting List for the three NIH-sponsored child care centers located in Montgomery County, Maryland.



These centers are often fully enrolled with extensive waiting lists. Spaces are made available in the following priority order:

  • Parents and/or legal guardians, who work for the NIH are given first priority for space at the three Maryland Centers.
  • If additional spaces are available, second priority is given to Federal employees of other Federal agencies whose official duty station is an NIH facility/office.
  • Remaining spaces may be offered to employees of other Federal agencies.
  • NIH Contractors and Volunteers are not eligible to use the NIH Child Care Centers.

When NIH employees terminates employment from the NIH or the Federal Government, access to NIH child care will end.

Other Resources:

Image of Inclement Weather Document

Inclement Weather - Opening and Closure Procedures for NIH Child Care Centers 
NIH Child Care Centers' hours of operation will be modified to ensure that the centers are operating as normally as possible during disruptions of the Federal Government's operations.


Emergency Guide For Parents: NIH Child Care Centers Operation 
In an Emergency situation at the NIH, emergency response personnel will make the determination to relocate, evacuate or "shelter in place" the children and staff of the three NIH Child Care Centers located in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Image of teacher and children
Other Federal Child Care Centers External Link
Many other Federal Agencies in the Washington Metropolitan area sponsor on-site child care centers. These centers give priority to all Federal employees

NIH Child Care Team Responsibilities: 

The Child Care Program Team functions as the liaison between the child care providers, families receiving care, and NIH.  The Team monitors and ensures compliance of NIH Use Agreements and quality assurance within each NIH Child Care Programs and facility.