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Lunch and Learn Seminars

Parenting/Dependent Care Seminars cover parenting issues from infancy to the teenager years and dependent care issues from the emotional impact of caring for an adult dependent to legal issues.

Incase you missed any of these wonderful seminars, we have provided the links for your convenience. Once you have selected an acrchived seminar, there will be a link titled Handouts  located below the seminar description.  You can print out the handouts to follow along with presenter(s) and take notes. 



Infants/Toddler and Preschoolers


School-agers and Teenagers



Planning Essentials: Legal Documents Your Family Needs
Teaching Children about Money - Raising a Financially Savvy Child
Bullying: What Every Family Needs to Know 
Encouraging Children to Read
Blended Families - Is it Possible to Combine Two Families?
Family Fitness=Family Fun
Raising Financially Healthy Kids
Presence for the Holidays
How to Inspire Healthy Eating Habits for Children


Adult/Elder Dependent Care