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2017 Safety, Health & Wellness Day

NIH Wellness ... "Taking Our Own Best Advice"

On June 28, 2017 the Office of Research Services, Division of Occupational Health and Safety, in partnership with the Division of Amenities and Transportation Services, will host the sixth annual NIH Safety, Health & Wellness Day.

This event will be held in Clinical Center South Complex 10:30am to 1:30pm.

All activities are open and FREE to all of NIH.

NIH Safety Health and Wellness Day in Partnership with the NIH Child Care                  Board, Aging and Adult Dependent Care Committee and the NIH Health and Wellness Council presents,
Elder and Adult Dependent Care Fair


Exhibits to Include

  • Geriatric Care Management information and additional caregiver support resources
  • Medicare and Medicaid Information
  • Information on the different types of housing options available
  • Information on Home Health and Rehabilitation services
  • Legal Information such as power of attorney, living wills, and more
  • National Institute of Aging
  • NIH Back‐up Care Program
  • NIH Elder & Adult‐Dependent Care Resource and Referral Program
  • NIH Legal and Financial Resource and Referral Programs -NEW
  • NIH Employee Assistance Program

   Quick Fit Assessements 10:30am to 1:30pm 10/B-1 Outside

NEW this year are Quick Fit Assessments administered by certified R&W Fitness Staff.  No advance registration necessary first come first served.

Quick Fit Assessments – Include the following:

Body Weight

Body Fat

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Additional Assessments:

Upper Body Strength Assessment

Abdominal Strength Assessment

Low Back Flexibility

Strengthening Recommendations


Health Screenings Bldg 10 South Lobby
Screenings from 10:30 am - 1:00pm

BMI Testing

No registration will be required - first come first served

Provided by Adventist Health Care, a quick and easy test to help you estimate your body fat. It is a measure of your weight relative to your height.  Combining BMI with waist circumference measures risk factors for heart disease and developing obesity-associated diseases.

Derma Scan Screening

No registration will be required - first come first served

This ultraviolet screening shows skin damage that is invisible to the naked eye. Derma scans will tell you if there is any damage or premature aging of the skin due to sun exposure. Screening results are provided in real time.  

Glaucoma Screening

 No registration will be required - first come first served

Provided by the Prevention of Blindness Society of Metropolitan Washington. A visual field test to evaluate peripheral vision in each eye since glaucoma affects an individual's side vision first, and often the individual does not realize the loss. The "puff" test which measures eye pressure will not be performed. Individuals can take the screening with glasses and/or contact lenses.

Visual Acuity  Screening

Visual acuity screening evaluates an individual's distance and reading (close up) vision. The screening takes about a minute per eye and should be taken with the individual's current eyeglasses or contact lenses ON to make a proper evaluation.  

Seated Massages - 10/B- 1 Outside

No registration will be required - first come first served

Seated massage focuses primarily on the muscles used most during the work day including those of the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Seated massages will be provided by Terrel Hale from Georgetown Sports Massage.

Chiropratic and Massage Therapy - Outside South Lobby Main Tent

No registration will be required - first come first served
Presented by Sang's Chiropratic includes massage therapy and chiropratic assessments.

   Free Fitness Classes  Classes located at 10/B-1 level outside.

No registration Necessary. Open to All.

Pilates Mat with Susan (11:00 am - 11:30 am) - 10/B-1 outside

Joseph Pilates presents his method as the art of controlled movements, which should look and feel like a workout (not a therapy) when properly manifested. If    practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength, develops control and endurance in the whole human body. It puts  emphasis on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong powerhouse, and improving coordination and balance.

Short Circuit with Maria (11:30 am-12:00pm) - 10/B-1 outside

This circuit style class incorporates strength and cardio into one high-impact workout. These are high-intensity, full-body workouts that target all muscle groups for a full body training session.

No two classes are the same! Be ready to break a sweat!

Zumba with Anitra (12:00 pm - 12:30 pm) - 10/B-1 outside

Zumba® is a Latin music based dance and fitness class - at a pace where both the novice and most experienced dance enthusiasts can enjoy. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Never danced? No rhythm? No worries! Come for the fun – we’ll help you with the rest.

Vinyasa Yoga with Diana (12:30 pm - 1:00 pm) - 10/B-1 outside

This type of yoga incorporates movement from one pose to another with connection to the breath that integrates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, physical, and mental vitality. The best part about yoga is that it isn't about being perfect – it's a practice – something we are always working on.

To register, visit the NIH Safety, Health & Wellness Day EventBrite registration page

Line Dancing with LaTanya (1:00pm - 1:30pm) - 10/B-1 outside

We're dancing and getting in shape doing it. This class introduces you to the basic patterns and steps for line dancing by a certified line dancing instructor. Exercise, socialize and have fun in one setting.

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Tae Kwon Do – 11:00am – 11:15am (demo)

Our lineage comes from both Kukkiwon and Chung Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. A typical class may include cardiovascular warm up and stretching, basic techniques, kicking drills, forms (Taeguk and Palgwe), self-defense, and sparring. No previous experience is necessary!

Aikido – 11:15am – 11:30am (demo)

Traditional Aikido techniques are taught combined with other defenses necessary to provide a balanced capacity in self-defense.


Why Judo?

  • A lifelong sport Great for getting or keeping in shape
  • Excellent for self-defense
  • Competition available at all levels
  • Builds self-confidence, trust, self-discipline and respect for yourself and others
  • Judo is good for the spirit Lower your stress level!  

Lunch Time Offerings (11:30am - 1:30pm)

Food Trucks located in 10H Parking Lot and outside B-1 Level Cafeteria

Linda's Luncheonette

Chix n' Stix

Captian Cookie & the Milkman 

This event is sponsored and supported by the following NIH Institutes and Program Services:

  • NIH Child Care Board
  • NIH Health and Wellness Council
  • NIH Office of Human Resources
  • Employee Assistance Program, DOHS
  • Eurest Dining Services
  • NIH Federal Credit Union
  • LifeWork Strategies  

A special appreciation to our co-sponsors and supporters:

  • National Heart Lung and Blood Institute 
  • Office of Research Services
  • Office of Research Facilities
  • NIH Occupational Safety and Health Committee
  • IC Safety and Health Chairpersons Committee
  • Laboratory Sustainability Group

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   Feds Feed Families

Drop-off locations will be available at the event.


Many thanks to the 2017 Safety Health and Wellness Day co-sponsor the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

Feds Feeds Families

Drop-off locations will be available during the event. 


Co-Sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Many thanks to the 2017 Safety Health and Wellness Day co-sponsor the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute 

Shuttle Information

For staff off campus, there will be free parking in MLP-11 (visitor) parking garage off Rockville Pike during the event. Please bring your ticket for validation at the event.
Individuals who need reasonable accommoda­tion to participate should contact Linda Kiefer (301) 402-8180 and/or the Federal Relay (800) 877-8339.