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About the NIHFCU

Welcome to the National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union (NIHFCU) - the nation’s largest credit union serving the biomedical industry and an NIH mainstay since 1940. Delivering affordable loans and banking solutions for the men and women in this globally recognized field is our enduring promise and focus.
Over the past seven decades, we have learned much about the NIH community we are so proud to serve. They are intelligent, dedicated and focused individuals that we know are too busy to waste time and too smart to waste money.
It is with this knowledge that NIHFCU members enjoy an array of world-class, straightforward and healthy banking solutions designed to simplify and enrich their busy lives. So, whether you are an NIH employee or contractor, scientist, doctor, healthcare provider or administrator, if you serve the cause of biomedicine, the NIHFCU serves you.
Click here to watch NIHFCU’s introductory video.
All NIH employees and contractors (and their immediate family members are eligible for membership at the credit union and our wide array of affordable mortgages, loans and banking solutions that save both time and money.
For additional information on services offered, please visit:   or call 301-718-0208.

DATS Focus on You Wellness Webinar:  March 14 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Buying or Financing a Home.  Is this the Year for You?

To register for Webinar go here

Join us March 14th 12:00pm to 1:00pm via webinar or in person at Bldg. 31 C-wing, 6th floor conference room 6 for an informative event on home buying.  Co-hosted by the NIH Federal Credit Union, this complimentary webinar will discuss the important fundamentals of buying and financing a home in 2018. Charlie Plunkett, NIH Federal Credit Union's (NIHFCU) Residential Lending Manager, will provide essential information such as: how to prepare for your home search, determining what you can afford, important local market trends, understanding the best mortgage for your goals, and how the NIHFCU is here to help you find and own the home of your dreams!
To registrer for the webinar go here

DATS Responsibilities

The DATS oversees, manages and administers the contractual use agreement with the NIH Federal Credit Union (NIHFCU) Branches and ATM's. The NIHFCU conducts its business with its members through a network of branches, ATMs, phones, faxes, e-mail and even standard mail, and have established Internet, wireless and phone access for members to manage their own accounts at their convenience from around the world.