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Evaluations and Training

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Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomics is "fitting the job to the worker." No matter what work you do, ergonomics plays an important role in preventing occupational injury and illness. We provide free ergonomic evaluations. The evaluation involves observing you performing typical tasks, and then adjusting the workstation as needed (such as raising a chair or lowering a keyboard). The goal is to arrange the workstation so that you achieve a neutral, comfortable working posture. During the workstation evaluation, our ergonomics staff may also note the need for different equipment. Your office is responsible for ordering and purchasing any office equipment. Services include:

  • Computer workstation evaluations for NIH personnel

  • Worksite evaluations in labs, patient care, environmental services

  • Post-injury worksite evaluation for injured or disabled employees

Computer Workstation Self-Assessment


To see how to make ergonomic adjustments to your own workstation, perform thecomputer workstation self-assessment. Walk through each step and take the suggested actions, if possible. If you feel the adjustments made are not sufficient, please call us to schedule a workstation evaluation at (301) 496-3353. The Ergonomics Program: The Computer Workstation Poster is also a useful tool to review.


Laboratory Ergonomics

Ergonomics applies to working in the lab. We are available to provide an ergonomic evaluation and provide tips to prevent occupational injury and illness.The Ergonomics Program: The Laboratory Poster provides useful guidance for you. If you feel adjustments you made are not sufficient, please call us to schedule a laboratory evaluation at (301) 496-3353.


 What is Your Level of Pain?

The table below provides a summary of what action you should take based upon your level of pain.

Level of Pain​ Minor ​Moderate Severe​

Description of each level of pain.​

Does not affect ability to do any activities. Pain is minor and only during an activity; not after.​

Pain persistent enough to alter your behavior and performance. Residual discomfort after activity completed.​

Unable to do normal activities due to pain. Pain persistent during and after activities.​

What actions you should take.​

Use this website to make sure your workstation is ergonomically correct and you are working in a neutral posture.​

Same as minor. Seek ergonomic consultation by contacting (301) 496-3353. If pain persists after changes are made, seek medical treatment.​

Seek medical treatment.​


To schedule an individual workstation evaluation call (301) 496-3353. 


Ergonomics Training

The on-site ergonomics training shows employees how to apply ergonomic principles in the office as well as other workplace settings. Training programs include:

  • Office and lab ergonomics training

  • Back safety training

  • Specialized training for jobs involving tools and lifting

To request an ergonomics training for your office, call (301) 496-3353 or (301) 496-3457.