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Unsafe or Unhealthful Conditions Reporting

The policy of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS), is to provide safe and healthful workplaces as required by 29 CFR 1960.28 and Executive Order 12196. 


Anyone in the NIH community who believes that an unsafe or unhealthful working condition exists in the workplace has the right and is encouraged to make a report (oral or written) of the condition to the DOHS.  If you believe that there is immediate danger to life or health make a report as quickly as possible by calling Safety at (301) 496-3457 or after hours by calling the Emergency Communication Center at (301) 496-5685. 


Prompt reporting of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions to your supervisor and the correction of the conditions are essential elements of the NIH Occupational Health and Safety Program.  NIH supervisors are responsible for correcting health and safety hazards in their employee’s workplace and providing specific instructions on proper safety procedures and practices.


People who report an unsafe or unhealthful workplace condition or hazard will not be subject to restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal.  You may submit the report anonymously.  However, the DOHS will not be able to contact you to obtain additional information, clarification or to provide a follow-up response.  Surveys will be conducted as soon as possible for reports of imminent danger conditions.  Surveys for other unsafe or unhealthful workplace conditions will be conducted as deemed appropriately by DOHS staff.  A survey may not be necessary if, through normal management action, the unsafe or unhealthful condition(s) can be corrected immediately. 


A report, if any, will be available within 15 days after completion of the survey for safety violations or within 30 days for health violations, unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.

If you have questions, please contact the NIH, ORS, Division of Occupational Health and Safety at (301) 496-3457 or your assigned  Safety and Health Specialist.