Division Title
Health and Wellness

Blood Pressure

We have 19 blood pressure monitoring stations for use located both on and off the NIH campus. These stations have the following features:

  • Touch screen operation
  • Measure blood pressure
  • Measure weight (a weight scale is incorporated in the seat)
  • Calculate body fat percentage by inputting information on the screen 
  • Tracking cards are provided to track your own statistics

Where are the Blood Pressure Monitoring Stations?

Building Location
Bldg. 1 Basement Level 1 by the loading dock entrance
Bldg.10 1st floor South lobby across from NIH Police desk
2nd floor waiting area outside the cafeteria
Bldg. 13 Ground floor outside Room G-904
​Bldg. 33​1st floor lobby past the security desk
Bldg. 31-Temporarily Out Of Service 1st floor outside the cafeteria 
Bldg. 35 Ground floor of the C-Pod next to the security desk
Bldg. 38A Main lobby
Bldg. 45 1st floor alcove around the corner from the elevators
Bldg. 49 1st floor lobby
Bldg. 50 1st floor lobby
EPN Suite 103
6001 Executive Plaza 1st floor, Room 110
6707 Democracy Blvd (Democracy II) Room 700LR
5625 Fisher Lane 1st floor, rear lobby inside the mailbox area
6705 Rockledge Dr. 5th floor inside the OMS satellite unit
12735 Twinbrook Parkway 2nd floor, outside the cafeteria
5500 Nathan Shock Dr. (NIDA)
Baltimore, MD
Bldg. C, 2nd floor elevator lobby
Rocky Mountain Laboratories, (NIAID)
Hamilton, MT
Bldg. 1,1st floor near ATM