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Safety Shoes

Safety Shoe Program 

The Safety Shoe Program has been established to protect NIH employees from possible foot injuries due to occupational foot hazards. Any NIH employee who is at risk of foot injury on the job can obtain safety shoes upon approval of the individual's supervisor. Safety shoes made available to NIH employees must meet the general requirements for impact and compression resistance required by the ASTM Standard F2412-05.
NIH employees (including ORF employees) requiring safety footwear must complete the Safety Shoe Form.  The safety shoe truck vendor will only accept the Safety Shoe Form signed by the employee's supervisor.

ORF maintenance personnel 
requiring safety footwear must complete the
Safety Shoe Form. This form must have the supervisor’s signature and indicate the type of shoe required by that particular employee. NIH employees are authorized to obtain a new pair of safety shoes when the current shoes are no longer serviceable (generally about every 12 months). Any medical conditions requiring special footwear for an individual must be documented by a private physician or by the NIH, Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS), Occupational Medical Service (OMS). Employees requiring special footwear due to medical issues must have a medical issued documentation by a private physician and/or the Occupational Medical Service.
Safety shoes are purchased from two different vendors.  The vendors alternate visits, with one vender scheduled for first Wednesday of the month, and the other on the third Wednesday of the month.  The shoe trucks are located at the Building 13 loading dock from 1:00 - 4:00 pm.