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NIH Back-up Care Program 

"Absolutely love it, been able to go to work when I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. It would have been frustrating to call all those centers myself."   
(Comment from Back-up Care Participant)

*NEW* Check out this WebEx on the NIH Back-up Care Program.  Click here

Care when you need it most 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has contracted with Bright Horizons to offer NIH federal employees access to back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable.

This program can help when:

§  Your regular caregiver or stay-at-home spouse is unavailable                                                      
§  You are transitioning between child or adult/elder care arrangements
§  Your child's regular center or school is closed
§  Your child or adult/elder relative is mildly ill or needs temporary assistance
§  You need care for yourself
NIH federal employees have access to the following back-up care programs:
§  Center-based child care
§  In-home child care
§  In-home mildly ill child care
§  In-home adult/elder care
§  Self care (when YOU need care)
Wondering if you need backup care ... check out this video:
NIH Back-up Care Video

Register today to ensure peace of mind tomorrow 

You must register with Bright Horizons before you can reserve care.                                                             
It is FREE and easy to do. A valid NIH e-mail address is required. 
You can register two ways:
Online at the Bright Horizons website, External Web Site
By telephone at (877) 242-2737.  

Plan Ahead 

Reservations for care can be made one month in advance and up to the day care is needed. 
You can reserve care three ways:
- Online at Bright Horizons website, External Web Site
- By telephone at (877) 242-2737
- Via a mobile app

Cost of Care 

In-Home Care (Children & Adults):   $16.00 dollars per hour, up to three (3) children or adults
Mildly-ill Care (In-Home ONLY):        $16.00 dollars per hour, up to three (3) children or adults
Center-based Care (Children ONLY): $ 6.00 dollars per hour, per child
Self-Care (when YOU need care):     $16.00 dollars per hour

Need More Information 

Please refer to the NIH Back-up Care Program Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have additional questions or need more information, please call the NIH Child and Family Programs team at:  301-827-3250.
Please print, post, and share this flyer.