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General Information

Parking permits may be requested online through the Commuting and Parking System (CAPS) or obtained at the Employee Transportation Services Office (ETSO), located in Building 31, RM 1A11. Additionally vehicle information and mailing address can be updated.

Permits that were requested online, will be mailed through the USPS to the employee specified address.  In order to obtain a permit in person, employees must present a valid NIH identification card, and valid registration certificate (or copy) for each vehicle (maximum of 3) they wish to register.

Each vehicle parking on the NIH campus, excluding visitors' vehicles, must display a valid, NIH Parking Permit. This mirror hanger permit must hang from the vehicle's rearview mirror so that it is clearly visible through the windshield while parking at the NIH. This parking permit may be transferred between the vehicles that have been registered with the ETSO (maximum of 3). Employees needing parking on a temporary basis (Subsidy program members, out-of-state employees, etc.) will be issued a paper placard permit, that must be displayed on the driver's side dashboard of their vehicle.

For detailed information on how to apply, modify, renew, and terminate your NIH Parking Membership (NIH Parking Hanger), please visit our Application Instruction Page

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Employees with Disabilities

Individuals who have any of the other types of permits and who also have provided adequate documentation to establish a physical disability of sufficient severity to warrant priority parking (disabled parking permits). The Occupational Medical Services (OMS) located in Building 10, 6th floor, reviews requests for disabled parking permits. After reviewing and determining suitability for either a permanent or temporary disability, OMS will notify the ETSO. Notifications are normally sent from OMS to the ETSO on a daily basis. 

Employees may also present their state DMV issued disability placard or registration in person to the NIH Parking Office to receive an NIH Disability Parking Permit.

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Visitor Parking

NIH offers visitor parking areas in parking lots, garages, and metered spaces throughout the campus. All visitor parking areas are paid areas, charged at the following rates:

  • Garages and Lots: $2.00 for the first hour, $4.00 for the second hour, and $6.00 for the third hours. Any time exceeding 3 hours, will be charged the daily rate of $12.00.
  • Metered Parking Spaces: $2.00 per hour.

Please refer to the visitor map for a location of each area. All visitor lots are managed by the NIH Parking Services Contractor: Mid Atlantic Parking, Inc.

Visitor Validation Stickers/Monthly Passes:

While the NIH Parking Office does not issue permits or validations to visitors, Institutes/Centers, Divisions, Offices and companies may purchase validation stickers and a limited number of monthly passes from Mid Atlantic Parking.

Validation stickers will only be valid in visitor lots, while monthly passes can be valid in a number of multi-level parking garages around the campus, as well as visitor lots. Please refer to the valid location marked on the pass.

Mid Atlantic Parking Office is located in Bldg. 31, Rm 1E08 can be reached at 301-594-7275. Purchases can be made by credit card.

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Documents & Forms

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