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Transit Providers without SmarTrip Card Readers

​The following transit authorities accept SmartBenefits, but do not have SmarTrip card readers installed for direct use. An allocation must be established with WMATA (Metro) to send your benefits to your desired provider.

After the allocation has been established, all future month's subsidies will continue to be directed from your card to your assigned 3rd party transit provider. Allocations must be set in the month prior to benefit delivery.  

Allocations must be set up by the 21st of the month prior to the desired benefit month. For example, if a participant desired to ride a MTA Commuter Bus beginning on November 1st, the allocation must be established through WMATA's SmartBenefit allocation webpage by the October 21st .

MARC, MTA Commuter Buses, VRE, & DASH Riders

  1. Create an account with to move your benefit, or a portion of your benefit from your card to Commuter Direct each month (you do this step only once). Deadline is the 15th of the month prior to benefit delivery.
  2. Select the light bulb icon "SmartBenefits" and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. At CommuterDirect, you can receive either MARC, MTA Commuter Bus, VRE, & DASH tickets.
  4. Receive your pass in the mail each month or arrange to pick it up at a commuter store location.
  5. CommuterDirect operates a very helpful call center. Please direct any questions to them.
Contact:, (703) 228-7433 or

Vanpool Riders

  1. Follow instructions at WMATA's (Metro) website for Vanpool and Transit Services Passengers. For detailed instructions, see WMATA's guide in step one.
  2. Create a SmartBenefit account with WMATA (Metro) to establish your benefit from your card to your vanpool provider each month. (you only have to do this step once)
    • Ask your Vanpool Coordinator for specific information regarding their provider and account number.
    • Allocation must be set up by the 21st of month prior to desired starting month.
  3. Benefits will be delivered directly to the Vanpool's account on the first of the month.
Questions? Contact the NIH Parking Office (301) 496-5050.

Riders of Martz Group / National Coach / Quick's

  1. Establish a Passenger Allocation account with Metro to move your benefit, or a portion of your benefit from your card to Martz Group, National Coach or Quick's Bus each month. (You only do this step once)

  2. Visit Vanpool and Transit Services Passengers.

    • Follow instructions for "Vanpool & Transit Services Passengers."

    • Select your Transit Provider (Martz, National Coach, Quick's, D&B, etc.)

    • Pick up your pass from the conductor on the first of every month.

Contact Martz Group (866) 466-2789, Quick's Bus: (800) 786-4192).

Riders of MetroAccess

  1. Manage your account by utilizing MetroAccess EZ-Pay.

Questions? Contact the NIH Parking Office at (301) 496-5050.


Call or email the  NIH Parking Office at (301) 496-5050.