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NIH Vehicle Permits (Apply & Renew)

Using our web-based application, commonly called Commuting and Parking Services (CAPS), eligible NIH employees can apply, renew, modify or update their information associated with their NIH parking account at any time. In order to terminate their parking membership, employees must return their parking hanger to the NIH Parking Office. These permits can be mailed, or delivered in person. Once the Parking Office has logged the permit as returned, the employee if eligible, can request to join another subsidy program.

CAPS is a web-based system that captures all required commuting and vehicle information, automatically cross-checks NIH Subsidy account records, employee certifications, and commuting and vehicle information.
CAPS is supported in Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. If you receive an error message when trying to login, your security settings on your browser may be too high. Please try lowering them temporarily until you are complete with your actions. Also CAPS uses your NIH username and password, so if you have forgotten them, please visit IForgotMyPassword to reset it. If you don't have an NIH username and password, please come to the NIH Parking Office to perform your actions in person. 

Applying for a Parking Hanger (Join Parking)

In order to park on the NIH Main Campus, all vehicles must display a valid permit. The NIH parking office issues all parking permits in the form of a rear-view mirror hanger to eligible employees. You may request your permit in one of two ways:
  1. By applying online through our CAPS system. (You must already have an NIH username and password)
  2. If you need your permit immediately, you may request the permit in-person at the NIH Parking Office.  You do not have to have your NIH ID card issued, but you must be in the NED system in order to receive a parking permit.  Additionally if you are a contractor or tenant, you must be approved for parking in the NED system by your AO.
After you have logged in to CAPS with your username and password, please choose the button labeled "Enroll in Parking." Note, if you do not qualify to receive a parking hanger, after login in your will not see a button labeled "Enroll in Parking."
Please know the number of days you will commute to work as well as the following information concerning your vehicle: year, make model, license plate no., type of vehicle (truck, car, etc.), type of engine (gas, hybrid, etc.).  Our system will also ask which of three authorized vehicles is your primary commuting vehicle.
Follow the on screen prompts and fill out all of the required fields. After submitting your application/request for a NIH Parking Permit, you will receive two emails from "CAPS Admin." The first is a confirmation of your submittal and its pending status. The second email will either approve or deny your request. If approved, you will receive more information concerning where your hanger(permit) will be mailed and what to do if you don't receive it.

Modify/Change your Parking Account

Did you get a new vehicle? Need to update your license plate number? If you need to make any changes to the information associated with your parking account, please login to CAPS and select the "Modify Parking" button. After clicking this button, follow the on-screen prompts to update any information concerning your NIH Parking account.

If you would prefer, you may choose to update your information with the  NIH Parking Office.  Please be sure to bring a copy of your vehicle registration for verification if you need to add or update a vehicle. 

Renew your Parking Hanger

NIH Parking Hangers are renewed on a yearly and bi-yearly basis, depending on the permit type.  Red and General permit types are renewed every two years, whereas all other types are renewed yearly.  Regardless of permit type, the expiration month and year of your permit will be displayed on the front and back of the hanger.
During your renewal month you will receive weekly renew email reminders from "CAPS Admin" directing you to login to CAPS and renew your parking hanger. These emails will begin on the 15th of the month prior to your expiration date. After login into the CAPS system, please choose the "Renew Parking" button and follow the on screen prompts. If during the last year something has changed about your commuting days, mailing address, your vehicle information, then please update CAPS with the correct information. All permits renewed online will be mailed to the address you provided in the CAPS system. Once you have renewed, you will no longer receive email reminders.
Please be sure to verify your information during the renewal process, specifically, where you would like your permit mailed. 
The NIH Parking Office will still handle in-person renewals for individuals without NIH usernames and passwords, or if an employee wants their new hanger immediately. Please be sure to bring your vehicle information if it has changed when requesting to renew in person. If after logging in to CAPS, you do not see the option to renew, and it's your permit's expiration month - you may have been terminated from the NIH Parking Program. Please contact the NIH Parking Office for assistance.
Below are the expiration months for all annual permits, by type.

Permit TypeLast InitialExpiration Month

​Permit Length


GeneralA - B  January​2 Years
GeneralC - D  February​2 Years
GeneralE - G  March​2 Years
GeneralH - J  May​2 Years
GeneralK - L  June​2 Years
GeneralM - N  July​2 Years
GeneralO - R  August​2 Years
GeneralS - T  September​2 Years
GeneralU - Z  November​2 Years
Off-CampusNot Applicable  December​1 Year
CarpoolNot Applicable  October​1 Year
VanpoolNot Applicable  November​2 Year
RedNot Applicable  April​2 Years
ContractorA - M  September​1 Year
ContractorN - Z  December​1 Year


In order to be removed from the NIH Parking program and be allowed to participate in another NIH Commuting Subsidy Program (Transhare, Bicycle Subsidy) you are required to return your parking hanger to the NIH Parking Office.  This action cannot be performed online. The NIH Parking Hangers are the property of NIH, and request these hangers be returned prior to leaving NIH employment.
Returning your hanger is easy!  You can stop by the Parking Office during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm, excluding Federal holidays) or you can mail it to our office. Once your hanger has been marked as returned, you can then join another subsidy program, either online or in person.